Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Blame Richelle

Just an FYI: If I zonk out on my work desk, amidst the paperwork I ought to be filing/scanning/whatevers, it is all Richelle Mead's fault. I started reading her fourth book yesterday. I was up until 4AM simply because I wanted to find out how Rose gets away from ooked-out Dmitri. Seriously, I couldn't sleep a wink until I found out.

This reminded me a little bit of Buffy who had to kill Angel when he was bad. Only she was having doubts about whether there was anything of him left. Buffy never let herself sink into a smooch and nude cuddle fest (no sex, I have strange theories about that) with a guy with dead body skin and fiery red eyes. Oh, and she let him bite/drink from her, because of her addiction.

Ending part to read today and then I might sneak a review (read: blatherfest) in later this week.

Now - back to zonking/ I mean working.

*uses paperclips to keep eyes open*

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