Thursday, September 3, 2009

Quick Question and Obvious Answer

Q. Dear World, what on earth do I do if I suddenly had a revelation that my X story is too similar to the X story which I critted for a friend?

A. Be respectful of your friend and/or follow the 'do unto others and you would have done unto you' rule, and gut the plagiarized content.

Furthermore: Sometimes this happens by accident, and it isn't always an unpublished buddy (who, if you publish first, will make like the Twilight-avenger and sue you for ripping off his/her idea). Generally it happens after you finished reading a book which you worshipped to death and kingdom come. Just keep on your toes and be aware that cheaters never prosper and look like a schmuck afterwards.

The reason for this post? Mainly picking on myself. I set up a novel and was gaining excitement and interest as I wrote, until I started telling a friend about it. Then it struck me that my story sounded a lot like her story. It was so almost-embarrassing. Fortunately I shut up before I got too far and that friend will never know how close she came to being unconsciously plagiarized.

What will I do? I'll worry about what I've already written in the next draft. My objective right now is to plow a road that bears absolutely no resemblance to my friend's mss. Even if I have to add man-eating clowns riding on black clouds at night as minions of the king. Darnit. I like that idea.

SIDE NOTE TO SELF: When you get a chance, do fix all the tags. You forgot them, goofy.

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