Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Never Surrender / Never Complain

Yes, I know I'm doing multiple entries on Tuesday and technically an early Wednesday post, but this is what happens while I'm staring at the chapter titles that I plopped in to remind myself where I'm going next with the WIP. Unfortunately, thanks to my brief encounter with a bug (semi-vanquished thanks to the excellance of Excedrin and sleep) I stopped on an odd spot and have no idea where I intended to go with the following title:

CH3 He wasn’t sparkly, but was close enough

To me, this says that I'm not going to be ripping off something by introducing characters who sparkle in the sunlight, hence the reason why they are terrified of going to the beach with classmates. But I knew that anyway. I'd chop my fingers off before consciously ripping off anything, least of all that well-known series that need not be named.

This means I must sit back and read through the first two chapters again to pick up where I left off.

Which leaves me debating about whether I want to read my own work or Blue Moon (which I'm still trying to stir up the I-care-enough-about-annoying-character-to-struggle-through-rest-of-book-even-though-it-leaves-me-thinking-that-Tolkien-might-be-a-lot-more-fun-and-that-is-saying-a-lot-yes-this-is-rampant-hyphen-abuse emotions).

My work wins - even with my dratted headache coming back.

This does remind me of something I considered before starting this blog. It probably is a bad idea to express loathing for your novels or the editing/revising part of writing. As much as it feels NATURAL to hate that mind-numbing part of THE CRAFT, I realize that it might give the wrong impression.

It's sort of like putting on my resume for an office job:

"I HATE computers, answering phones, scanning, filing, talking to people, smiling at people, and whatever. My favorite part of the job is the playing with the computer and looking up stuff on the internet. Hire me please."


So, I'm going to make every effort to put my best smiling face forward and not quibble. After all, I truly love writing. Even the dratted revising and editing part.

As far as my non sparkly guy - I'm going to pretend I was talking about Wesley's guide spirit whom I'm ANXIOUS to bring into the picture because he's so adorable. Not sparkly - check. But close enough. I think I described him as shimmery around the edges, like a Star Trek hologram.

Oh and he's a golden retriever.


  1. Hi Catherine,
    I was looking for a way to email you (from Miss SFV) and fell into the blog hole. An interesting world, and free, but I dont know if I want to invest the time to do one myself. Anyway, the reason I'm writing, I was post 15 in the Secret agent contest, and I pretty much understand your comment, which I totally agree with. Although my 13 yr old hero is a 1st in class genius, he would not likely utter or think "pretty Terry of rounded face and bottom" no matter how many diverse novels he read...My question is what does <- :o mean? If you have the time and would be so kind could you email me at erapacrwr@hotmail dot com or 007rlocksley@gmail dot com. BTW, the 1st 250 came from my first novel written 3 yrs ago, at the time I messed up adding too many hooks to the opening, not knowing any better. Clarity is king and the story of a boy determined to rescue a wolf pup in a 14 foot hole (and its consequences) should be compelling enough for the reader to continue.

    Sincerely yours,
    Locksley, but really Bob Richard

  2. Emailed. :)

    Good luck with your writing.

    Yes, blogging is one of those things I finally decided to go public and devote more time on. My committment to getting serious and stepping up.

    Of course, I still would rather read other people's blogs than write my own...


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