Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Wind Up

Plan for this week - finish up cleaning out Unwilling, which I've inexplicably renamed "Unwilling Fringe". Uhm. Because I liked the way it looked way up on the header next to my name and page number.

I also formatted everything, even though I'm only on CH5.

This novel is an odd bugger - and I think a lot of it is because I wrote it during NANO and clearly didn't care how stupid my main character sounded on occasion. The first three chapters are solid, and the main reason why I'm working so hard on finishing this properly. Last 2 chapters that I've read are weird. CH5? I'm deleting the entire thing as soon as I get home from my hair appointment. It's bad. Very bad.

I sat back scoffing at my own wip where two characters took over a scene to discuss doomsday scenarios just because a little white poodle in the neighborhood got lost and was found in a barn that had a big hex sign on it.


Heh, so as you can see, much revising is needed before I can finish this book.

Personal Note:

The next time I blog, my lovely long flowing black hair will be a LOT shorter. I skipped my haircut this summer and regret it. It's too long. Heavy. Gets in my way. Hangs on my neck. Takes forever to shampoo and dry. It's a pain, pain, pain.

Comment on Character and Setting Building + Religious Organizations

Just a thought here: If you are a writer who grew up in a religious home and still maintains close and faithful affiliations to the religion of your birth, etc - It's crazy to expect you to cut/void any references or worldviews coming from that perspective you were raised with.

Plainly speaking here - I don't care for Meyer's Twilight books, but that's because it just isn't my thing. I read the first page and just wasn't hooked as a reader. Then reading reviews of the other books + watching the movie turned me off trying again.

I like romance, I like vamps, I like angst, I like chosen one main characters who has delicious blood and whose mind cannot be read -> All of that is great. Problem is the way the love affair between the two characters proceeded. It just was a turnoff for me.

I'm having the same problem with Evermore and Blue Moon by Alyson Noel.

That's seperate from harping on the badness of the books because of some perceived Morman themes. Mormies are the nicest people in the world. Some (ok most) of them have strange ideas that go against my religious ideas, but blegh. So what. That's not a reason to go attacking people personally, or bashing their books because you don't like a religion.

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