Monday, September 28, 2009

Judging a book by its cover...

This has nothing to do with writing - and admittedly, I'm pausing between writing mere sentences over here to browse the blog things to the right side of my page. YA New York, Interview with Alma Alexander.

Alma is the author of those three bizarre looking books above.

If you’ve been reading the Worldweavers series up until now, you know that our heroine, Thea, was long considered to be a magical dunce. In her world, where magical talent is the norm for humans, Thea showed no aptitude for the arts until she was shipped off to Wandless Academy. At that point it became apparent that she’s not only a magician, but a rare powerful one, whose talent lies in the supposedly un-magical area of computers.

This sounds like something I might read... well, with reserve. I'm of that generation that finds computers to be functional and frustrating but not necessarily magical, and it would take a lot to convince me otherwise. Of course this series might do the job.

If only I could get past the covers...

Does anyone else do that? They see a plot that appeals to them, but then they blah-out when they see the covers? It reminds me of a poll that somebody did a while back about fantasy covers and what percentage of fantasy covers contained X. I guess these covers count because they have a glowy thing. Still it could be verging on scifi, because the glowy thing has electrical streaks ensuing from the girls/creepy robot face. I'm very suspicious of the plot - particularly as it has two scifi mainstays: computers and Tesla.

RANDOM: Prestige is one of my favorite movies, but I HAD NO IDEA THAT DAVID BOWIE PLAYED TESLA! I find that so bizarre!

Randomlocal: Watched the news at my dentist appointment (2.5 hours with my mouth propped open, my jaw is angry, very angry). The 1984 Detroit Tigers team is celebrating something - I wasn't paying close enough attention to that part. I was too busy staring at them. I grew up idolizing those guys! And they looked OLD! Cryptkeeper old. My goodness.


  1. Yeah, those covers are kind of strange. I'm definitely guilty of passing by a book because of a lame cover.

  2. *nods* And it's a shame too, because some of the cheesiest looking books were those where I connected with the author and writing. It just took longer for me to pick up the books and do the investigatory flipthrough.


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