Friday, September 18, 2009


On working and thinking on my UF writing project (revision, not the original), I've been trying to make a difficult decision on the circumstances which push the main character into action.

Speaking for myself - I can always put urgent things aside until the Bad Thing happens to me or somebody I love. When 'it' happens to somebody I know, it's only then I get pushed off my comfy safe seat and feel pressed into action. That's because you (a) feel so vulnerable because it's right under your nose and (b) you have to deal with it on a daily/hourly basis.

How does this relate to my writing?


The character will get a nasty initiation into the weird club. Last night, I daydreamed on the subject after watching Destination Truth (I heart Josh Gates) and suddenly I know EXACTLY how to 'unprotect' my character. It's perfect.

The next step is getting her over the 'I'm going to huddle in the fetal position and hide' instinct and pushing her into action. I thought about drawing on a few things I've heard and read about in real life. This would be family members becoming mentally crippled because of constant 'curses' from somebody who wants to keep the main character too frightened and distracted to interfere.

My problem is how realistic I want to make this. Most people who have inflicted like that will never be 100% ok ever again. They will have problems with depression and inability to deal with things.

While I waffle - I'm wondering if part of my problem is laziness or wishful-writing. Laziness, because I don't want to delve too deeply in the research and showing a traumatic situation that I myself have not personally dealt with. *stepping out of my comfort zone, in other words* The other thing is I wonder if my hesitation comes my wanting an absolute Happily Ever After at the end of the book.

End question - am I grown up enough to write this?

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