Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Lackness

Personal TMI: Technically have just awakened from a deep sleep and am trying to figure out what to do with the face which broke out a little bit (changes pillowcases FRANTICALLY). This happens after a long weekend. I do not look in the mirror or fuss over much with the hair or face, and things HAPPEN. *weeps*

Writing: I played around with a chapter last night. Am in a state of confusion over which POV I want to use for UF. I'm more fluid and comfortable in first person, but third person looks better and allows me to hop POV when needed.

Saturday night, I stayed up until 4AM working out a full outline and plan of attack. I need to work out bugs in the plot.

I'm planning to do another intensive round of edits later today - first on agenda is gym and shower and face cream.

Reading: Still struggling with Blue Moon. I'm on my way over to the gym now, so I'll see if I can become a tiny bit more interested. Temptation is to put the book aside and read something else.

Blog Hops: Check out Miss Snark's First Victim (see link on right side of blog). On Wednesday, she's having another Secret Agent contest. I'll try to comment on everything as always. This is a great learning experience, especially after the SA logs on and works through the entries.

Random: Reading Rainbow died on Friday? Or will die this Friday? - I'm not sure which. Um. Dude. I know this is irreverent and against the whole stream of popular thought, but I didn't realize that thing was still on!!!

The sibs and I were more interested in Wishbone. Because, Wishbone = Adorably cunning dog in costumes playing the main characters in a lot of books which I read when I was a kid. It was also a TV series with kids, always a winner.

Blogger's Note: Yes, I admit to going crazy with the tags. I didn't really use them at all the last two months, and now I'm trying to overcompensate. It will even out at some point. :P

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