Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Writing, MSFV-ing, and so forth

Writing - still working on UF for right now. I got halfway though the book before deciding I wasn't entirely satisfied with it. Decided to go back and try out a different (new) version of the story. I changed the main character's name, setting, and age - she's now in high school and just moving in with her sisters. Her name is Wesley instead of Geisha - because I have a feeling people will have a tough time getting past the name 'Geisha'. Readers, unfortunately, can be very literal sometimes. Wesley is still a weird name for a girl (which is what I wanted) and it suits the character. I'm also adding another dimension to the story - that would be the wild older sister who'd straightened out her life suddenly. Then I'm going to show the sisters growing closer, maybe finding things in common. One thing I'm thinking about is me and my oldest sister. We have six years difference between us, and she and I don't always 'mesh'. There are times though when she does something that I absolutely respect, and/or I have to let myself rely on her for guidance.

The novel itself is basically the same, but I'm planning to do a little more research on Wiki* to dig up new angles I can try out to distance my novel from the cazillion other novels which have ghosts and shamans (shamen?)

@Wiki - I know, not a good or reliable search site. But it is useful for finding ideas and different things that you will be fictionalizing anyway.

And just for fun since this is Wednesday, and we get to do a Wednesday WIP Corner. The following would be the first 3 paragraphs words of the 'new version' of UF.

Very rough stuff!

9th grade at the St. Agnes boarding school sucked, and Wesley thought 10th grade would as well, only her parents died. Then Tasha, her older sister, did the unthinkable and announced that Wesley would not attend BS any longer.

In her private letter to Wesley, the one that the Mrs. Eckerd didn’t get to see, she said she wanted Wesley to have the normal life she herself never got to experience. Tasha emphasized that a normal life for an American teen depended on attending a coed school with hot boys to fight with the cheerleaders over, if Wesley didn’t in fact do the unthinkable and become a cheerleader.

Laugh of the century!

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