Sunday, September 20, 2009

Query Basic

I see this everywhere, but it can't be repeated too much -

Q. How do you simplify a 50,000 plus word novel into a 2-3 paragraph query?

The answer according to many, but most recently per the the Query Shark:

Answer three simple questions: who's the protagonist; what choice does she face; what are the consequences of the choice. That's ALL you need.



Random thought that has nothing to do with queries, just the genre abbreviation (GBLT):

And this might be due to my tragic and frequently unrequited love for BLT Pizzas, but I'm wondering.... Am I the only person who gets confused when I read about a friend's publishing success in that genre/market?


  1. HAHA...
    Well, I guess I'd be a little confused if I didn't know my friend was gay. On the other had, perhaps they are using the same principals as when writers create entire new worlds and galaxies. Imagination. Does one have to be gay to write in that genre?

  2. Most of the writers I know writing GBLT shorts are straight. :)

  3. Oh, how simple the concept behind a query sounds...

    I've spent the entire weekend crafting my query letter for my romance. Three days of work and my critique group and I are still working on it. *beats head against keyboard*


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