Monday, September 7, 2009

New Shelf

The original book shelf thing that I had on the right side of the blog didn't work out very well for me. Or I didn't try hard enough to make it work? I switched to shelffari (sp?) down on the bottom of the blog entries. It looks tidier, and more important - it's easy to find and add books.

And that is how I've spent my afternoon. Instead of visiting the gym or writing, I've been going through my brain (instead of putting in the time to physically browse my bookshelves and stacks and car) trying to remember all of the books that I've read recently, or which are still important to me.

Yet another reason why I love modern technology. When I was a munchkin and doing reading competitions with my best friend/big sister, we had those little reporter notebooks that we carefully entered the book title and author name after we finished the book. No offense to the old-fashioned pen and paper types, but I worship the ease of clicking to add stuff to my list.

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