Wednesday, October 14, 2009

She's a doll

This has nothing to do with writing. I just couldn't resist commenting.

As seen here, there is a toymaker making Michelle Obama dolls.

Let's ignore the fact that they were so rude as to put the poor doll in the black widow dress, and focus on the overall looks of the doll. Ick.

No politics here. Michelle Obama has one of those pretty faces and I know my kid sister ran out to get the Michelle Obama hair cut during the elections. Doesn't look like that doll. Or vice versa.

It uhm... looks like a caricature doll to me. Or a bobblehead doll without the head-bobble.

Maybe little girls are different now, but um, I liked the GLAMOROUS collection dolls. That would be really cool if somebody came out with GLAMOROUS dolls of the first family. With sparkly REAL dresses and nonplastic hair. Unless they have and I haven't been paying attention. I only go down the doll aisle twice a year: niece's birthday and Christmas. :P


  1. Plus too, won't there be contriversy because the doll is showing too much arms and legs?

    (ugh--how redunculious!)


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