Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Something I read on a news site (AP, Fox News) this morning:

LONDON — Researchers say a new find near the famous Stonehenge monument shows the religious significance of the site.

The smaller prehistoric site is being called "Bluehenge" because of the color of the stones that were placed there thousands of years ago but have since disappeared. All that is left are the holes made when the stones were put in place.

An artist's impression of the stone circle as it would have looked in prehistoric times was released Tuesday.

Researchers believe the newly discovered stone circle and the larger Stonehenge circle may mark a "domain of the dead" that was linked to the "domain of the living" by the River Avon.

Experts say the stones were incorporated into the circle in about 2,500 B.C.

My first impression: How did they know what color the stones were, if they are long gone?!

What I love here is the last bit about the stones marking a domain of the dead linked to the domain of the living. It is just the sort of information I really want to use in a story somewhere. Only I would play around with the definition of 'dead'.

In my sci-fi (ish) stories, I play around with time folds. This comes from a conversation I had with my dad a while back on time travel.

My mom is a sci-fi/fantasy fan like me. We confab over Stargate and shows like that. Shows that take you elsewhere but still maintain a connection through human stories. It's the ET thing - we love aliens and visitations, but we are more interested in the aliens than the spaceships. Which is why a lot of my sci-fi (ish) novels treat spaceships like cars. Functional and assumed - so we don't need to talk about them anymore than describing every inch of the car a character in a contemporary novel is driving. :)

My dad is more of a hard science fan. One of his top favorite movies was 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'. A movie that I don't.... appreciate. He is fun to talk about re/dislocation and time travel. Talk to him about the Philadelphia Experiment, and his eyes get all wide and he elbow props. He also believes that Time Travel and in fact "Hyperspeed" space travel is possible through the time/place fold theory. Too complicated to explain here, but he took a napkin and drew two dots on opposing corners of the napkin. Showed the distance with the napkin flat on the table. Then showed me the distance after folding the napkin in such a way that the points were right next to each other.

Back to my initial point and related to the Stargate shows - "dead" could be more than the end of life definition. If the person has stepped across a fold in place and time, and is 'known no more', then you would say that person is dead. Same thing when you consider the ghosts who haunt your house or aliens who live in dimension other than ours.

In the novels I'm playing around with, it is possible for folds or holes to exist all over earth. And the only way you can find them is by the level of activity or 'strange visions' witnessed thereabouts. Sometimes these are marked by monuments - such as Stonehenge or "Ways" (those spots around the world where the natives speak of fairies and Others who will work mischief and evil on anyone who treads or builds on their turf). Other times, they were brushed aside as ordinary haunts, especially when natives 'see the dead' walking about old houses and repeating activities over and over.

*wants to be home writing*

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