Sunday, October 4, 2009

Random FYI

Spent my entire Sunday learning about HTML codes and how to manipulate the standard Blogger template.

Aside from some annoyance over how I haven't figured out how to fix the header on this page (shrink the header border), I'm fairly happy with the results.

The tabs above go to:

*my very rough and empty NANO page that I'm setting up.

*the accountability page for the first 100 of the "500 Books in 5 Years Writing Challenge". <- because I said I would keep track and read more - will update as replace the ? with read books.

*I added another tab "Backwork" for something else (I forgot why I wanted the button by the time I figured out all of the tab HTMLS).

So rah!

I need to feed the doglets now, but writing will follow. It will seem very easy after squinting at codes for the last eight hours. <- Before you look horrified for activity and socialization's sake, I should add it was rainy and cold outside. Perfect day to zone out on the computer. :P


  1. Oh messing with all the techie stuff hurts my brain too. It took me forever to get my title background correct on my site.

  2. No kidding. I think the worst part is syphoning through all of the info out there. Plenty of websites and tips - but a lot to go through to find the one or two things that I actually needed.

    Then after all of that work, I came across this one blog-help website that had a LOT of things I want to try out. Er, but that would make my blog very crowded. *must resist*


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