Friday, October 23, 2009

Have you done something smuggable today?

I have.

Could be wrong, but a guy decided to pick today to be rude to me and label me as something I'm not by any stretch of the imagination. And he did this publically. This guy did the same type of thing a year ago at this time. That time I was a year younger and upset enough to send an email to moderators (this was a writing forum) and then I personally emailed him. He got into trouble then, at least judging by the moderator's response, they edited whatever he said, and that was that.

When he made his stupid comment today, it occurred to me to repeat my actions from a year ago. I actually typed up a very long email going into my private family history and experiences, and even the topics I choose to focus in my writing because of that history and experiences, to show how wack he was for throwing that label at me. And I wanted to send that email to him in a huge booyah backatcha thing.

But I deleted the comment and played the adult. I brushed aside his comments on that public forum. Something I remember from school days - if somebody tells a ridiculous lie about you, no comment is necessary to defend yourself. You just draw attention to the lie and make yourself look touchy. :)

Yep, it did hurt that nobody corrected him for me, but meh. It wasn't necessary in the long run.

Considering I'm impulsive by nature, it felt good drawing myself back and deleting that comment.

I smug.

I also stayed awake until 3:30AM yesterday, editing three chapters for my Marbles novel project. It's amazing how I can always find something to edit when I pick any of these WIPS up. But the edit lists are shrinking and for once I'm perfectly satisfied with the first few chapters of Marbles. They feel right.

I also stayed awake that long because I was seriously freaked out. My mom waited until midnight to call on me and tell me all about a Ghost Hunting meeting she attended yesterday. Ack!

The guy explained he first got into spiritualism when he was a teenager and he and a friend were playing around with a oujia board. He said that they wound up opening a vortex to a very bad place. The entire house smelled like rotting garbage and flesh, and they were freaked out about their grandma (it was her house) coming home to that. He read from the bible and suddenly the smells vanished.

There were other stories like that, going into local spots that he and other investigated. My mom was fascinated. Me? Well, I stayed awake, knowing I'd otherwise be lying in bed listening to every sound in the old house and twitching.

Paid off in the end, because I got necessary edits done.


  1. I was reading smuggable as "smuggle." I kept thinking of Han Solo.

    Paranormal things fascinate me...and spook me too!

  2. Laughs... I didn't notice when I typed the post, but you are right. Looks like I was trying to be cute about... smuggling... today.

    Yep, me too re/paranormal. I find it very interesting when it's on TV or even in the news. When you meet people who have been hunting ghosts in your neighborhood, it just gets a little too close to home for comfort. The imagination is a terrible thing when you are alone.

    A good example would be this one time I was shopping at an old store on mainstreet here where I live. The restaurant next door to the store is rumored to be haunted - and is one of the places the ghost hunter guy investigated.

    I was killing time and went upstairs to the third floor of the store. Back when the store was a main street house, it had been the attic and possibly somebody's bedroom.

    The floor up there is slanted and the roof is low. It kind of feeds a feeling of paranoia, like - somebody standing right behind you. It didn't help knowing that the restuarant next door was haunted and another store three doors down where my sister used to work was possibly haunted as well (she saw a teenaged guy in jeans and a white tshirt walk across the store and step right into the wall).

    That paranoid feeling was the same type I felt last night the first time I tried to hit the sack. Gave up and worked instead.


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