Friday, October 16, 2009

A Few Notes While I Edit

*Excedrin is a miracle worker. The overal fug(1) that had wrapped around my head and suffocated off all of my energy and left me feeling like I'd been rolled over by a steamroller - GONE. Just two little white pills.

(1) Fug is a stuffy atmosphere: a stale or airless atmosphere.

*I have a very bad habit of using dashes, emdashes, and hyphens with reckless abandon. Must stop. Now. Without abusing periods, commas, and ellipses.

*Since I'm all perky (thanks to that lovely Excedrin boost), I'm going to see how far I can get in UF. 1000 new words tonight would be splendid. Am working in the adult first person pov version right now.


  1. Oh how I love the emdash. I have to watch myself all the time.

  2. Same here. Somehow or other I got into the nasty habit of using it in every single sentence and didn't notice until I got around to editing that novel. Ugh.


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