Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Rounding....

Just a quickie -

I CANNOT believe it's Friday! Where did my week go? Does this bode badly for next month? As in, will I be sitting there on a Friday morning, dwelling on my lack of wordiness or wip-workfulness of the week?

*I did work on my blog designs - influenced by Liana over at I got over my fear of HTML codes. I still am not completely literate, but at least I'm not afraid of playing around with them now.

*I set up my NANO blog (see link/tab above) and will be lightly updating that over the next couple months. I just posted a disorderly and babbling brag there about the rough synopsis that I figured out for my planned WIP (Four Bottles).

*I also figured out how to create file folders for all of my files at the online storage place. This means I also got up the courage to delete old work files off my computer, because I can now easily find what I want online.

*I'm also planning to stop by the library and pick up a few books to start filling out the empty cells of my 500 book challenge sheet. I was going to be specific and only borrow YA Fantasy books, but I'm going to widen my turf and also read ALL YA books. Why? Because I realized that I really want my NANO wip to have a Joan Lowery Nixon feel to it. There are some JLN books I haven't read yet, so I can read and also study her plot pacing.

*Plans for the weekend - I'm going to see if I can write up a chapter plan going off the rough synopsis. This will not be put on my NANO website (for obvious reasons), but I'd like to have one. It also gives me an excuse to sorta work on my NANO without breaking the rules.

*Research - I did a little bit this morning, but need to find out more about police, amber alerts, runaways - and how this is all handled here in Michigan, which is where my WIP is going to take place. The missing character is going to be 17, which I understand is the odd borderline age where police may be waffly about getting involved (unless there's evidence of a crime) with a runaway case. Originally planned on having the character be 15, but want a plausible reason for the police to be dragging their feet.

*Currently the only waffling issue I have right now is the age of the main character. I have two options:

-1- make her be 16 - despite me twitching about her being so close in age to her missing sister. I wanted there to be a little distance between the girls - a reason for them to not be too close and involved with the same stuff and friends. And then I know I don't want her to be younger than 16.

-2- just to have it be a blended marriage. That actually might work. Hmm... could base on the Clancy family (somebody I know from church). It's a good reason why the girls might be close as sisters, and close in age - if not the same age - but not best friends forever.


  1. I'd never heard of JLN, so I had to look her up. I'll have to check out one of her books soon.

    Sounds like you had a productive week. Relax this weekend.


  2. It's been a while since I've read one of her books, but one thing I remembered was the pacing of her novels had me turning pages fast and freaking out with the characters. That's what I want to learn how to accomplish with my own writing.

  3. You and I were tackling the dreaded html codes at the same time. I was about ready to toss the laptop out the window.


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