Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Freezer

SCREAMSSSSSSSS! <- I had the whole post typed up and I pressed some hideous button that deleted everything.

Here we go again - 2 times makes lucky, right? Grr.


I queried a little bit the last two weeks, and have reached that point when I think it might be wise to let Swapped sit for a while. Last time it snagged partial requests. This time = none. I think I need to wait for the market to change a little bit.

So now, I'm focusing on getting other things ready.

Marbles is the logical candidate, but it needs a lot of work. I need to somehow make it stand out a little more without overwriting. The overwriting happened in those scenes where I didn't really know where I was going and dithered. Lots of mind-babble from the main character.

Just picked up Unwilling again. I'm editing a little bit, and know I can at least put this one through public queues without worrying about sex content. I'm waffling back and forth about Marbles and where the plot is headed. I know there might be some sex. Unwilling will have some sexual tension, but no action - simply because the characters are never going to be alone. With Unwilling, I need to change the one character so he's more interesting and less of a snot. I know he's going to be introduced to the main character, and he's her dream guy as opposed to the safe choice at her church. At the same time, I want the plot to be stronger and less centered around love/sex/mating or whatever.

Which reminds me - does anyone else have that problem or secret worry?

I love romance and am always setting my characters up with an appropriate party, then afterwards I wondered if people are going to be asking that dreaded question:

Why are they attracted to each other? Why did they fall in love? Are they together simply because (you) decided that the novel would end with a HEA?

I got that question repeatedly from two of my greatest critters, and it was one of those things that stuck in my head when I edited and moved on to other projects. It's that extra perspective or nuance that happens when you push the plot onwards and try to get everything orderly settled out. Sometimes you forget the real world and you'll get those readers clucking and saying that it would never happen.

It's just like what I saw somewhere - an agent scoffing at all of the romance novel subs which start off with the woman waking up to find a man in her room whom she is inexplicably attracted to and turned on by. A real woman would be freaking out and looking for something to defend her body from a possible sexual predator.

It's so easy to do stuff without applying the common sense real world thinking to it.

Book Reccomendation

If you are a YA reader, for the LOVE OF GOD!!!! do yourself a favor and buy two new books - The Summoning and The Awakening.

These books are about Chloe, a nice normal short girl with pink striped hair who discovers that she can see ghosts. Which makes her attack her teacher. Which sends her off to the cuckoo camp, or rather special home for young adults with PROBLEMS. She's told she's schitso and given pills to make her feel better and stop hallucinating. Doesn't work and Chloe gets with the other students to discover certain secrets about the home and about themselves. Like crazy weird and FANTASTIC superpowers. Then they run away and are caught. The end of book 1 (Summoning).

Book 2 (Awakening) starts off right where the previous book left off, and it never stops. Chloe learns more about the superpowers which she and the others have, and how they (the kids) had been genetically enhanced by the creepy Edison Group. The part I'm a little fuzzy on is whether the kids had been messed around with in egg stage, or if it was all a matter of the parents making babies with nonhumans (like werewolves). The book has chase and search scenes mostly, with lots of character development and hints of a love triangle (of course, my love triangle attenna pops up at the vaguest hints). Ends with the characters finding a safe spot, where they will doubtlessly regroup for the final push to destroy Edison Group and rescue people and stuff. Yay.

Only problem is Book 3 isn't coming out until NEXT MAY!!!!!!!!!!!


Look to the right side of the screen for my library link.

Personal Note:

I'm tired and sore.

Word of warning to those that may follow. Leather sandals were not created for their owners to jog on the treadmill in. Those ancient greek marathon guys running around in sandals? Complete myth, or they had feet of granite.

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