Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Wind Up

Just quickly -

Did NOT do full edit over weekend. Had church both Saturday and Sunday, which meant I got off the wrong side of the bed. <- That does not mean I was crabby, just my routine was messed up. Only non-sleeping thing done on Saturday was trip to park to watch reenactments. They reminded me a little bit of a Renaissance festival, actually. Walked through the woods and gawked at tents and teepees set up in various spots. I took a few pictures of the people, except the indians. They wore only the loincloth in front, so um... I felt a bit indecent taking pictures of them. Dog also 'got into the drink' as according to people I ran into. I allowed him so he cooled off, as it was over 90 degrees out there. The kids went dashing into the lake with him and he refused to get out until the waves started coming in. They were BIG waves and scared him out.

The reenactment drew British and French people out of the woodwork. The French people were nice but incomprehensible. The British people fell all over my dog. Funny thing about them is the parents had all kinds of accents (coming from different parts of the UK, I imagine). The kids had American accents though. Funny.

Dog got praised for his enormous head but absolutely gentle and kind expression. He did get the 'Golden face' right at least. I'm also feeling better about his hips. He runs like a deer - his hocks go together and swing out a little bit. That is an indication of irregular hips. He is very spry though.

Back to writing -

Read through Marbles last night <- The only thing I managed over the entire weekend. I love everything I've written so far and am loath to change it, despite the fact I'm not really inclined to post it at critting group for various reasons. It's very pushing-envelope-eee.

Only thing is I plan to change the last chapter I landed on before bedtime. I released an alien and set out to make him a guinea pig, but it came too soon. Plus there are too many problems with people trusting the one guy after he does this to my main character. It just doesn't work.

So erase that.

Instead, I'm going to go ahead with a chapter that is more lesson time with D. Watching lesson time with L and T. Selling a few books for a positive. And then also moving on and having D and V open the doorway. While V and T/L go through, D makes MC experiment on the hostage. That's where I'll end that chapter.

It's a plot.

Monday Pet Peeve

As of 8PM, Monday Evening, while I debate venturing out into the dusk to walk my pooch, this came up again and as always it bugs me just a little bit, because in a way it reminds me of a promiscuous teenager's view on getting paid for sex.

There are writers out there who have suddenly discovered that SEX IS HOT. To write, I mean. And so they are suddenly jumping on the bandwagon and writing EROTICA. Or what they THINK is EROTICA. BECAUSE EROTICA SELLS. And you don't really have to worry about a plot or the writing that much, because EROTICA SELLS regardless of that stuff.

On one hand, I think these are the same people who jumped on the YA bandwagon a couple years back with the success of Harry Potter and Twilight. Everyone suddenly had a YA book they were scrounging together. The theory was you were writing for dopey children who didn't really care about plots or anything like that. KIDS ARE EASILY HUMORED, BECAUSE THEY LIKED THAT GHASTLY HARRY POTTER. JUST WRITE SOMETHING SHORT AND SILLY AND IT WILL SELL SELL SELL.

Dear writers. I am one of you. Or rather I write and want to be successful. That said, stop with the bandwagon jumping. Write because you want to and have a passion for the genre and words. Don't write because you want to jump on the latest craze.

This just reminds me from Little Women, when Jo's german boyfriend discovered she was writing macabre stuff for the newspaper. I never really got why he started jumping on her and making her feel like cwap about it. Until now. The thing is I don't think people should settle for what sells.

That is all.

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