Monday, February 8, 2010

Temporary February Thaw


Sorry about the lapse between posts. January was a tough month for me - not anything truly bad, just incredibly busy and distracted.

I am still writing and doing other stuff, and will be posting more frequently (hopefully) if you are eavesdropping on my life.

I'm going to think out a minimal schedule at some point (probably Mondays and Fridays). As far as posting content - I'm really going to play it by ear until I get back into business.

Am currently playing around with the blog format, because I got tired of the old one. I actually don't know what I'm doing for the most part, so you may see weird little things here and there until I figure out how to fix them.

Offhand, I am very glad it is February - even if we are facing the worst snowstorm of the winter this week (actually tomorrow). I can smell spring approaching deftly and secretly, nudging the sun out a little earlier each morning and letting it stay out just a little bit longer each evening. And I can actually smell spring. Visited the grocery store today and was thrilled to see the garden section is up and running. The one section was filled with citronella candles of all kinds. I love that smell. I was seriously in heaven.

Olympics are coming up next week - which means I am going to be rooting for USA in all of my favorite sports - including (gulp) curling. Yes, I enjoy watching curling and wish that all of the guys on TV would stop joking about it like it is the worst thing since boiled spinach. It is only fair, since I don't offer my true opinion of golf.

At any rate - I'm working on things and should be posting more regularly. And yeep! This also means I'm going to start checking out the blogs on the side and following properly, including commenting. If you suddenly see an influx of comments from me (not likely to happen, since I'm generally a gentle lurker in most cases), it just means I'm moving around again. I believe that the frigid dry winter temperatures froze me in a dark earthen spot for a month or two.

So rah!

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