Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ideal Valentine's Day

I mentioned on Twitter that I do NOT want pajamas, chocolate, flowers, or questionable expectations from bf for Valentine's Day.


The ideal V-day for me would be like the one I enjoyed today -

Handholding in church and breakfast afterwards with a special somebody.

Then of course there is the celebration part with family which includes yummy homemade strawberry cake.


And don't forget plenty of time in between with me slouching on furniture, computer in lap, and Olympics on TV. Even though, dear NBC - I wish you could show something more interesting than Luge. Like watching paint dry.

About the people out there who are talking about St. Valentine committing suicide if he knew what his 'name-day' has turned into - Um, guys. It isn't all about rampant fornication.

It can also be pretty sweet.

And yes, this is an ideal day to get engaged on - something that happened to the youngest sister.

Never mind that the family has raised eyebrows about the girl's choice in men (he's a schmudd). And never mind the entire family is hoping this is a passing phase that the girl is going through, and that she'll sort her thinking out long before any wedding.

Hints to guys out there. If you have a sweetie dropping hints, it could be she wants a little commitment in the form of a diamond ring from you.

Unless of course she is like most of my female characters and commitment-phobic. Then, of course, she might be trying to figure out how to tell you how much she ENJOYS spending time with you, but she just wants to be very-close friends for forever. But don't you DARE be friends with any other girls.

*grins wickedly*

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