Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Meme

Thought I'd shake things up today with a meme just for fun. :)

I found a quicky one that works for me right here.

1) My favourite quotation about writing is ... Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass. ~Anton Chekhov

2) The first thing I had published was ... "The Mudling King" - a short story about the fall of the angels. At least I know it was accepted and I got a token payment. I don't know if it was used in the magazine though. o_O

3) I can only write ... Stories with female protagonists. Last time I had a guy protagonist, an editor turned down the story and very kindly pointed out that my mc sounded like a girl. #blushes

4) I write best at this time of day ... Night time - providing I can keep my eyes open. The sad truth is the writing/imaginative side of my brain is only wide awake and perky when my body isn't. It's so unfair.

5) I've tried several times to write ... historical fiction. And one day I'm going to succeed and have something I can show other people without shrinking into a tiny ball of embarrassment. My biggest problem is the realistic aspect and finding a way to support my plot schemes without turning off history buffs.

6) I'm in the middle of writing ... a paranormal fantasy novel that DOES NOT have vampires in it. Admittedly it is a struggle to keep my horrible guy characters from sprouting fangs and skulking around at night. They do skulk around at night, however I absolutely will allow them to flash inordinately long canines.

7) I write blogs because ... I like expressing myself and giving online friends and other people a glimpse of me, my life, my writing struggles, and just... I like to show people that I'm nice and easy to work with.

8) My lowest moments when writing come when ... I want to write but I'm too tired to think. Those are the times when I think about everything I have to write or fix and feel like a shallow writer who just isn't going to make it.

9) My best moments when writing come when ... Duh. When I'm writing. When the words are just pouring out of me and I know they are heartfelt and have that smooth liquid feel when I read over them again. When I write something that sounds right.

10) The one thing that's most helped my writing has been ... Acknowledging where my weaknesses are. I heard something in the Olympics yesterday from one of the announcers. It was something like 'You have to acknowledge your weaknesses in order to improve and succeed'.

Random Thoughts...

Do you ever pick up a book to read and feel DIVIDED about whether you like it or not? I'm feeling that way with a book I picked up to read again - oh my goth by Gena Showalter.

So I read the first chapter where the main character, Jade, is having a bad day. It starts off with the trig teacher singling her out and making abusive comments about her in front of the class. He kicks her out of class with a note begging the principal to expell her. Meanwhile she is totally goth in school, which invariably reminded me of the my immortal fanfiction project (the one based on Harry Potter/Hogwarts + Vampires), particularly the videos. <- And yes, that is a bad thing. :O

Yet, there I am reaching for the book and prepared to head off to a comfy couch somewhere to finish reading. As much as I have a tiny 'hmmph' voice going on in my head, it isn't enough to make me throw the book at walls. And I vaguely think I like Jade's character in a way. *is confused and wanders off to read*


  1. I have trouble writing male protagonists as well! My mom says my men characters are wimpy. :) I'm working on it, though.

  2. My Immortal is one of my favorite horrible things. Possibly ever. I read it and I just cry with laughter.

  3. @Aubrie - Good luck<: One thing I know will help me in the long run is to pick up more books with well-defined male protagonists and sort out how those authors did it. It's easy to miss those cues when you are reading mostly books with female protagonists. :)

    @Lindsey - Same here. I gave up trying to figure out whether the writer was serious or just stream of consciousness writing for fun... and I guiltily enjoy laughing over it. :)

    "It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about."


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