Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Just sharing an odd experience I had today when I stopped over at the post office to pick up the mail for my work. Our box is a large square drawer, close to the floor. I just knelt down in front of it like usual and was using the key, when I started to hear music. Haunting music. Or an undefined song that you would hear coming from a cheap music box.

I pressed my ear to one of the post office boxes to the right of ours (which probably looked freaky to the overhead cameras) and confirmed that the music was coming from the box.

When I opened our drawer, I gave the inner sorting area an eyeball - just curious if somebody was messing around with the mail and coincidentally turned a music box on just as I knelt in front of my box. But nah. There wasn't anyone back there.

Meanwhile the music mournfully continued to play.

I have no doubt it is still playing, unless of course it stopped when I left the post office.

This link Dress 'Em this Way goes to The Rejectionist website (which is also listed on my lovely left column placed there with schemey html codes that I forgot to write or print down somewhere where I could do it again without starting from scratch), and their hilarious post on guy fashion on the runways.

Um. I know the Rejectionist was being funny, but I'm very tempted to DO this to one of my main characters. Not one of the side characters. The main character.

*laughs mischievously*

What about you?

Would you DARE do this to one of your characters?

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