Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Meme

Yet another Friday I'm opting to do the quick and easy meme route.

*smiles mischievously*

I borrowed this week's meme from

Yourself: TGIF

Your hair: Blackish-Reddish

Your Mother: Angel

Your Father: Happy Birthday!

Your Favorite Item: Diamond Earrings

Your dream last night: Slept-like-dead

Your Favorite Drink: Diet Pepsi

Your Dream Car: Ford Escape Hybrid

Your Dream Home: Cobblestone cottage in the woods with a bright red door

The Room You Are In: Work

Your fear: Heights

Where you Want to be in Ten Years: Rachel Ray's show, touting book

Who you hung out with last night: Mom

What You're Not: Tall

Muffins: Meh.

One of Your Wish List Items: New Kelley Armstrong YA book

Time: Hour before lunch

The Last Thing You Did: Emailed Friend

What You Are Wearing: Jeans+flowery thermal shirt under red vest

Your favorite weather: Fall

Your Favorite Book: Pride & Prejudice

Last thing you ate: Bagel

Your Life: Happy

Your mood: Slightly tired

Your Best Friends: Sweethearts

What are you thinking about right now: Sleep + Me = happy

Your car: Snow Beast

What are you doing at the moment: Entering Data

Your summer: Coming

Relationship status: Dating

What is on your tv: Olympics

What is the weather like: Snow Squalls

When is the last time you laughed: Just now


CHECK OUT MEG CABOT'S UPDATED BLOG <- I haven't looked in a while, so it could be that it's been all new and shiny for a while. But still! I'm all admiration. So nift.

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