Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lovely Explanations...

*bounces up and down*

I just got a response on a story. It was a reject [boo], but I sorta expected that. I don't know if I mentioned this in a previous post, but I felt that this story was not as filled out as it should have been.

The person who rejected the story was great, in that he explained why the story didn't work for him - even though he liked the idea.

The main thing he pointed out (and something I already felt after I came to my senses) was this:

Work more on bringing a character the reader can identify with into the story.

I intentionally focused on making the story plot driven instead of my usual character driven. <- And I hopelessly flubbed at it. :P

I'll pick the story back up over summer vacation I think. Maybe give it a slightly different spin, but from a strong character view.

Another thing I'm bouncing up and down about -

I 'snagged' a story from a religious type online magazine my mom got me hooked on. This story is about a priest who claims that the veil between our world and the spiritual world is growing thinner now that we are in the end times, and that is why so many more people are reporting weird stuff about possessions and hauntings.

I'm not sure about the end times (gaaa! I've just barely begun to live!), but when I read this guy's story, I knew it was something I could use.

It reminded me yet again - all characters must have their own personal motives and personalities. They can't just be conveniently going along for the ride just because they like the main character.

The only character in BSW I had problems with was this priest character who is somewhat conspiratorial and hush-hush about what he knows. Same thing with the administrator who is always ready to back him up.

I think I know what their deal is right now. :)

I'll share more later if this works...


  1. It's wonderful that you received a personal response with suggestions you can use! Awesome. Good luck with your re-writes. :-)

  2. Thanks Shannon! Yes, I love it when I get feedback with rejections. Sometimes a form rejection can leave you guessing, or worse! Feeling like you should scrap the whole idea of the story.

    In this case, the idea worked, but the guys didn't like the way I wrote it. I can work with that. :)


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