Thursday, April 29, 2010

Invasion of Privacy...

... here we come.

From the sounds of it, my home state is cooking up yet another reason for cops to be gawking into your cars and giving a ticket for something you are doing in there.

And I have no idea how they can prove you were texting prior to pulling you over. Apparently they will be pulling you over under the suspicion of texting? Like if you are driving with one hand on the steering wheel while looking down at your lap or at the seat next to you while driving past that intrusive cop and his binoculars. <- I'm almost tempted to test that out. >;-)

No. I don't text while driving.

I guess I could understand if this was instead a "Driving while distracted" and had verbage in there to ensure people would not be stopped unless they were driving erratically and causing problems for other drivers.

Singling out texters as the Instruments of Destruction only makes me think about those texters I usually see while out and about. They impede traffic. They drive 20 miles below the limit or sit through green lights. It does happen they ram into somebody in front of them during unexpected slowdowns, but that could happen if they were distracted by something else in their car.

When I was a kiddo, there was a case in our area of a college student who was looking down at her purse (I'm not sure if she was digging through it too or just looking at the purse), when she rammed into a child who was waiting for a school bus. She was convicted with involuntary manslaughter. <- This was back before texting and even before the majority of regular people had cell phones.

Cops cause the biggest distraction of all when they park on the side of the road with their lights flashing. A lot of fender benders happen because of people looking over their shoulder to see what's going on instead of straight forward.


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