Friday, April 30, 2010

Aliens Evolved Too... Right?, Would ET really invade earth?

Steven Hawking came out recently with a flaky statement about how aliens DO exist, but we shouldn't contact them because they could come and destroy earth ala Independence Day. I'm wondering if anyone else out there feels a little embarrassed about fellow scifi enthusiasts trying to insert fiction into science.

As 'earthians' we shouldn't be so egotistical.

Think about how we are going about searching for aliens in our own solar system. We are assuming that life would not exist on a planet that has no water.

Yes, human beings (water bags) NEED water to survive. But why should we assume that a different type of creature would share this need? Especially if we believe in evolution.

Recall that evolutionists believe that humans evolved from microbes into living, moving, breathing critters who evolved upwards into human beings. That is, they evolved into creatures who could survive and thrive on planet earth.

I don't necessarily believe that the beginnings of life were like that, but I don't mind if other people do. I just expect them to be consistent.

If there was another planet out there with microbes or whatever. What would stop those microbes from evolving upwards into intelligent creatures who could survive on whatever planet they existed on?

Yes, I do believe that life is possible beyond planet earth, and I wouldn't be so arrogant to assume that we are the only intelligent creatures that exist in the universe.

But I tend to feel that we are looking at 'contact' the wrong way.

There are different forms of life beneath the ocean, for example. Maybe they aren't human-like, but they are intelligent in their own way, even if it isn't intelligence or rationality that is unique to humans.

Wouldn't it be a bit stupid to beam radio signals, lights, music, colors, probes and signs written in various languages proclaiming 'We come in Peace!' for those creatures beneath the ocean to see?

To a blue whale, human beings might be interesting little invaders who may be worth checking out... but it would be pretty silly flashing a 'We come in Peace' sign to a blue whale and expecting it to understand and feel better about us being around.

And why would a blue whale want to invade land? An inhospitable place it was not created or evolved to live on?

If anyone would invade a planet and take over things... it would be us humans. Because that is our pattern of behavior throughout our history. We traveled out around our planet and took over the land from the native species, and we either devoured or brutally cleared out those native species to eliminate them from competition for the resources in that area.

And hey - I don't have a problem with that. If our ancestors weren't adventuring conquerors, we would all still be living in one tight little place and dying out because there wasn't enough resources and space for all of us.

But I swear that scientists are looking out into the universe and instead of exploring and scientifically observing what is actually out there, they are searching for contemporaries. When they look for aliens, they just expect a mirror image of us.

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