Monday, March 29, 2010

Snag: Doorways to the Dead

Click link, Ancient Doorway to the Afterlife found...

My first thought: It looks and sounds like a tombstone. Well, an ornate one.

Second thought: That certainly gives a new spin to tombstones, besides them being grave markers. Which only reminds me of a cemetery down in New Orleans, where they built little houses over the graves. Which em, goes in a different direction altogether.

About tombstones being doorways to the afterlife - that reminds me of all of the fairy tales I read as a child, where people entered through a big rock and entered a new world and were no longer known in the real world. It took a specific tap on a big rock by a special stick to make it cleave and permit passage to the other place.

This is something I want to hold onto, in case it will become useful later on. With the current WIP, there is a possibility that the protagonist might need to contact those that have gone to the Other Place.

The Other Place is not the heaven which regular people go to. It is a place farther away and practically unreachable, unless you are dead and have the right kind of soul (not human).

The tombstones, imo... would not be doorways. More like portals or glimpses which allow communication across the dimensions. If you know how to knock.

*is leaning on chin, deep in thought*

Otherwise - I saw a bluebird today while walking the doglet. That is a VERY good thing, especially if you are like me and in hate with this past winter.

Oh, and I was on my lunch break and had a chipping sparrow land on my windshield wipers and peek through the windshield at me. So cute.

YES, the above has nothing to do with writing, but mad bird-lady here. :)

AM READING - "Bad Kitty" by Michele Jaffe. Am only on the second chapter, but looks to be a fast fun read that has me reaching for the sequel(s). From the description of the protagonist, I'm getting a mental image of Rihanna. Which um, confuses me when she's described as not that pretty. Because Rihanna is very pretty (though her outfits are way out there). The clothes and dialogue might be dated too, if only because I'm getting a mental image of "A Cinderella Story" or something. With Rihanna instead of Hilary Duff. OK - and a totally different storyline. :)


*laughs derisively*

I'm sure everyone lingering around writing forums and critiquing websites, that there are certain words which always get misspelled. Such as writing 'loose' instead of 'lose'.

I just one-upped all of them. Try typing 'loozing' instead of 'losing'. :O


No reading tonight. Wrote/worked on BSW instead. I'm shocked to admit I'm thinking about changing the plot slightly. I'm not sure yet. I just deleted 5000 words and wrote up to a point where the protagonist is kneeling in her room, flipping through an old art journal of hers. She had been changing her clothes, and is only in her underwear - which puts her in a vulnerable position.

I originally had something come out of the closet that she's semi-afraid of, but now I'm waffling. I think I'll sleep on it.

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