Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Lisa Schroeder's timeline and checklist

The above link is a keeper for a prospective author who is either on the verge of snagging an agent or has an agent and just received the DREADED question: How do you plan to market yourself?

Um. When I started writing twenty or so years ago, I had this daydream where I sit at home, write, send book in to be printed, and watch the money come rolling in. I knew that authors had to do interviews and visits and stuff like that, but I always had this warm and fuzzy hope that it was optional... :I

Maybe it was at one point, I don't know. Definitely in today's world, you really have to put your work shoes on, take to the streets, and unflinchingly sell your book to the masses. And definitely in today's world, it seems like agents are doing less and expecting more from the authors they 'partner' with. Well, either that and things are the same as always, but the industry is trying to ditch the Hollywood depiction of publishing and hit new writers with a touch of reality. :)

Personally speaking - I really like Lisa's list and feel that most of the items are do-able - in small steps at a time anyway.

My ideas for marketing myself:

1. I will find a website designer to do a website for me just like he/she/it did for X author whose bells and whistles website setup I worship. And I will also frequently blog, tweet, facebook, etc...

2. I will find a videographer who I desperately want to do a book trailer for me. A book trailer which I've painstakingly planned and written out ahead of time, including different options to choose from. IMAGINES STICK FIGURE DRAFTS.

3. I will commit to taking trips every weekend for signings everwhere from schools, libraries, bookstores, conventions, etc... ROADTRIP!

4. I will DEFINITELY enjoy coming up with freebie ideas. *looks mischievous* <- For starters, I want clay animal-spirit tokens and eternity stones for BSW - even if I have to make them myself!

5. I will somehow convince agent that it is absolutely necessary that I bring at least one dog on every signing with me.

Dear agent, think about it! A shiny, glossy, fluffy, smiling, tail-wagging golden retriever is a perfect people magnet. The other authors at a convention would be completely envious as those that dog-worship abandon their tables and swarm my way. <- It could work, right? :)


  1. Great ideas!! And I love golden retrievers - my personal favorite dog. I have an award for you at my blog!! :)

  2. Hello! I found your blog by way of Julie Dao's and wanted to say hi. You have a fab site here! I like your inspiration for marketing ideas -- all great ideas!

    Have a wonderful day :)

  3. @Julie - Thanks for the awesome award. I love the picture - there's a pretty huge grin on my face as I'm looking at it over on the side.

    And yes, golden retrievers are the best. I've flirted with other dogs, but would feel lost if I didn't have at least one golden. I'm sure the current guy would have his own fanclub if I took him to conventions with me. :)

    @Nicole - Welcome and thank you<: *hugs nice compliments* It is fun to think ahead and daydream of what I'll do after an agent says yes. Though I think whenever that happens I'll be too shellshocked to think straight. :)

  4. I hopped over from Julie's blog to say hello. I love your header! :-)

  5. Great ideas and I hope we all have the problem of tackling a marketing plan soon. :)


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