Friday, March 12, 2010

Info Snag: Ranks of Nobility

I figured this would come in handy at some point...

I'm at work right now, but am planning to look up and type in the definitions of some of these. Like, Erfridder looked like Elfrider to me. And what's with the knights?! :)

I'm probably not going to be writing the type of novel that calls for titles like these (I'm allergic to using Europe as a setting, only because everyone else does). But at some point when I pick up one of my fantasy type novels (NSAM), I could use these as a guide when I'm setting up a system.

Ranks of Nobility

*Emperor & Empress

*King & Queen

*Archduke & Archduchess

*Grand Duke & Grand Duchess

*Duke & Duchess
Prince & Princess
Infante & Infanta

*Marquess & Marchioness
Marquis & Marquise
Margrave & Margravine

*Count & Countess
Earl & Countess

*Viscount & Viscountess

*Baron & Baroness

*Baronet & Baronetess
Nobile, Edler von, panek
Ritter, Erfridder

*Hereditary Knight
Black Knight, White Knight, Green Knight

*Knight & Dame

- snipped from Wiki

Random Suggestion:

Let's say you are one of those people who is writing a book (historical, fantasy, romance) based in Europe. Please pay attention to details - especially those that can annoy or distract a reader.

I recently came across a fascinating synopsis by a fellow writer. This person clearly had skillz and knew the genre, and I was really hooked by the idea and hoped to get a chance to read the book.

There was one blemish that this book had, and I was wondering if the author was having a hard time placing the book because of this blemish... this would be the names which the author chose for the main characters.

I'm not going to give them here, because it might identify the author, but it really isn't a good idea to use names of major figures in history. And I mean names that would be immediately recognizable to anyone who likes history (like moi).

If your character is fictional, try to give them fictional names.

A good example would be writing a American Revolution era historical novel, and giving the main character a name like Georgiana Washington. :O

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