Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Family Tree Blues

One thing led to the next, and I found myself doing a quick google of some of my ancestors. I was a little curious whether they were Acadians, Creoles, or just French Canadians like I've always thought. <- I'm still not sure, especially since they were French Canadians settled in Quebec territory (what is now midwest portions of the US), but then they slowly made their way south to Missouri and Louisiana.

I've always been proud of that portion of the family history - because yay. They were original settlers. <- That ranks just as much bragging points as saying that your ancestors came over on the Mayflower.

OK, it's different, I know.

Doing a google, I discovered that the French settlers in Missouri turf thereof were slave owners. As in, they owned Indian slaves. Or they owned both indian and black slaves, which begot children of mixed marriages who were born into slavery. When the Spanish won the lottery and took over the southern territories, they forced the French to give up their indian slaves, as it was against their laws. The people didn't always give up their 'inheritances' and ugh! When the US purchased the territories, the settlers threw a party because they could keep slaves again.


*stabs horrible ancestors*

How can I brag about the ancestors knowing they were slave owners? <- On one hand, I know that several of my ancestors intermarried with Indians through all this and they were a large family. But that doesn't make up for the ones who were gleeful slave owners. Horrible. >.<

Aside from that -

Note to self:

When I get around to cleaning up Swapped Fate, I need to look more closely into the Acadians. <- The novel is a fantasy and takes place in a world far, far away. But I did base it a little bit on the French flight and forced emmigration. I see now where I cut corners and where I can make the novel stronger.

I might even include my HORRIBLE ancestors and their crimes against humanity. It would give me a chance to express my disgusted and disgruntled feelings through one of my characters.

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