Sunday, November 15, 2009

Random Thoughts...

"All right, I'll admit it. Radisson, Georgia is a quaint little town. I say little because, well, it is. The welcome sign at the city limits boats a population of 14,877." - Ghost Huntress, Marley Gibson

The above quote made me grin, because I'm fully aware that the sign for my hometown boasts of 7,700 people. And we like to think of ourselves as busting out and growing. Certainly we are compared to neighboring towns who are still stuck in the hundreds. :P

Speaking of small townisms - stopped at the bank on my way home from work on Friday. This is a little story that has stuck in my head and has been bothering me all weekend long. The gal at the bank is vaguely familiar to me, but not to the point that I know her name or would tell her apart from my dog's vet. However, she knew me. I offered to show my ID, and she laughed at me. Said that she recognized me as one of the K- girls. She sees my mom and sisters all the time. Said we are so similar we are practically clones.

Ugh. I thought as I usually do when people say things like that, "Huh? Is she BLIND!"

It is something odd though, and I wonder how it would be described if writing in a book - people don't just recognize people based on the color of their hair, skin, eyes, or their height. They are looking at something else... I haven't quite figured out what.


  1. There's actually some kind of innate human ability to recognize faces. It's fascinating. Babies can recognize their mother's faces at an extremely early age. However, there are some people who aren't able to recognize faces (can't remember what the disease is called), and you can imagine how difficult it would be not to recognize your own spouse or children!!

  2. Huh - thought I commented earlier today. *pokes blog experimentally*

    What I said earlier - I know somebody who has that condition. She can't recognize faces very well, which causes problems for her as she is a teacher. The students must sit in the same spots every day, otherwise she has a problem keeping them sorted out.

    I don't know too much about the condition, but wonder if there are just varying degrees. For instance, I also know people who have a hard time recognizing faces completely, or putting a name with a face. Very often they cheat and find another way to recognize somebody. It's interesting.


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