Monday, May 3, 2010

Life Transfer

Just thought I'd share something funny that happened over here...

I got a call from my adorable mom who was in a state of hushed panic. At our old house there is a cabinet in our living room with three or four urns with ashes from past dogs. She went over to tap the light on in the cabinet (it's one of those you tap it in the right spot to get the interior display light to go on or off).

So the light went on and displayed some weedy things apparently growing out of the one urn containing the ashes from Danny (the dog we lost two years ago).

Mom freaked out, because she was convinced that Danny's bone bits were sprouting weedy flowers. She didn't want to go near the cabinet and see exactly WHAT was growing out of the bones, and begged one of us to go in there and check it out.

As it turns out, my niece placed the weeds in there for Danny because she had been thinking about him after her parents tortured her by letting her watch Hachiko (sp?).

FWIW - that movie is evil. I can't even READ about it without crying all over myself.

The above is my old Danny. Had we not lost him two years ago to cancer, he would have turned fifteen last month. I seriously doubt that he would come back as weedy flowers. He was sugar and spice and everything nice. :)

Random Hurrah - Thank God for "System Restore". I believe my computer had a virus of some kind earlier today. I immediately shut the computer down, started in safe mode, and did a system restore. So far so good.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Don't do that to Fido, Etc...

Dear Horror/Thriller Movie Makers and Horror/Thriller Book Writers,

*flicks TV off, after accidentally watching a young dog yelping as he is swallowed by a slithery thing that came out of the ground*

There are spots around the country where dogs and cats are eaten alive by wild animals. Fact of life. It isn't entertaining.

Showing something like that for the shock value just makes people hate your movie.

That is all.


I just lost one of my birds.... :[

I hate when this happens, because it isn't worth spending the $$$$ to have an autopsy done on a $10 critter, but you always wonder if the bird died of something else besides old age. I always wonder if there is something I'm not doing right, or if I should switch to a different kind of birdseed.

And I'm not sure how old he was. He was at least 2 when I bought him 5 (?) years ago. At the time, I bought him to keep a rescued parakeet company. That rescued parakeet died last year, so I replaced HIM with a young guy. So I had the two boys singing at each other all the time and it was adorable.

Except now I only have one and he's going nuts singing and calling at the love birds in the next cage. And I feel sorry for him.

So, I will be picking up a new friend for him today.

The only birds I refuse to replace would be my finches. Only because the bunch I have right now are all pretty old. Between 6 and 9 years old, I'd estimate. I like finches, but I'd like to get down to only two (budgies and lovvies) flight cages at some point.

It's so weird how fast the years go by. And I don't feel any older though things age and die around me. Now I know what vampires feel like. :[

Saturday, May 1, 2010

How I Spent My May Day

Just sharing....

Me. I'm not drunk. This picture happened when I woke up this morning and someone snuck up and took a picture of me and the dog because they thought it was HILARIOUS. Ahem. As you can tell, when I crash late on a Friday night, I skip makeup and earrings removal, the hair is knotted in a very unflattering ponytail, and it is way too early in the morning for me and I didn't have my coffee yet.

Sticky Weeds - which apparently can be steeped in hot water as a tea, particularly if you are having certain infection or fever problems. Who would want to though? They stick to everything. Like Velcro

Weeds trying to take over the lawn...

Mound of weeds after a hard morning's work...


The holly bush in full bloom - and it's rattling up against that bedroom window, but I don't have the heart to chop it back until all the flowers are gone.

APPLE BLOSSOMS!!! Yellow Delicious if you want to be specific. Planted those two years ago and they are finally taking off.

The lilacs started to bloom. This is an off year though (must chop bushes back)...

Some random tulips having their last hurrah before they fall apart... and give way to summer.

Technically, this falls under the weed category, but I don't have heart to pull these up. Wild Violets.

Part of the rose garden, where I have a narrow path that should actually have two sideways trellises to keep roses contained when they start filling out when warmer weather comes around (we've had frost/freezing every night for past 2-3 weeks, so they are a bit stunted and behind right now). Must build trellises... Oh! And straight ahead you can see the Irises are starting to come out of the ground.

Some lilies here, and some other things. I don't know just yet whether they are flowers or weeds. Keeps staring at them.

If you look past statue at all of those vine weeds hanging down, that's what I have to clear out next (le sigh). I have to go rock climbing to get at them though.

I'm not sure if the color shows up well here (doubt it) but these are pretty blue flowers that I remember buying and planting last year. Only I don't remember what they are. *must invest in popsicle stick labeling method re/this summer's planting. Oh, there are weeds mixed in, but their time is limited.

More lilacs on the right, but white/yellowish flowers on left are on the buckeye tree I planted a couple years ago. This is the first year it's flowered. I didn't even KNOW they have sweet smelling flowers that look vaguely like lilacs. Huh.

Jacks posing for camera...

More posing from the boy...

Such a poser! *hugs him*

Dog and Cat (Lu-Lu)checking out a bee. Must rescue them...

The Lu, pretending to be wild.

That is all. :)

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